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    Pictured is a broken granite countertop showing you why you need to support the granite overhangs with brackets or corbels.

    To Support, or Not To Support...?

    According to the M.I. (Marble Institute) and this couples countertop on our left... Your countertop overhangs need support. This pictures shows what can happen if your overhang is not supported. The couple told us their granite broke during a diner party with friends, ruining the evening, their floor, and taking a bite out of their wallet. To prevent this from ever happening again they ordered metal brackets from us to support the beautiful new countertop that replaced this broken one.

    - Types of Countertop Brackets -

    Hidden metal brackets being used to support a stone kitchen countertop overhang

    Hidden Brackets

    Hidden brackets provide the support your granite countertop overhang needs while staying out of view. These brackets will support all types of countertop including Quartz, Concrete, Butcherblock and more.

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    Wrought iron corbels being used to support a granite kitchen countertop overhang

    Corbel Brackets

    Countertop corbels provide an attractive alternative to wood corbels and offer substantially more structural support. With the large variety of styles to choose from your bound to find the style to add that extra finishing decorative touch to your kitchen.

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