How to install Iron Corbels?

If you would like to learn how to install your iron corbels by your self please read though our corbel installation guide to learn how.

The installation of your iron corbels and brackets will differ based on the application and mounting surface. This guide helps explain the process of installing your brackets on a variety of surfaces.

How to install iron corbels over wood?

Installing corbels and brackets on wooden surfaces is one of the simplest installations you can do.

Most basic tools needed to complete this installation:

    • Level (a strait one works best)
    • Tape measure (one you can read)
    • Pencil (with a sharp tip)
    • Drill (with a full battery)
    • Drill Bit (sharp enough to drill into wood)
    • Screws (long enough to penetrate the sub-straight ideally hitting a stud)
    • Humor (its free and helps the job go smoothly)
      Installation Procedure:
      1. Decide where your going to be putting these corbels and hold one in place.
      2. Now, using a pencil/black sharpie, mark the positions of the screw holes on the wood. Make sure you get a mark corresponding to the middle of each hole.
      3. Choose appropriate screws to mount the corbel according to the size of the screw holes.
      4. Choose a drill bit that's slightly smaller than your screw and drill holes into the wood.
      5. Mount the Corbel using the screws.

      Tip:  Always ensure that the drill bit you are using is smaller than the screw diameter, even half as small will work. Drilling Pilot holes helps prevent wood from splitting.

      How to install iron corbels over drywall?

      How corbels are installed over drywall depends on their particular use. Whether you are planning to install shelving atop the corbels, or do the corbels go beneath the counter top, will decide the particular details.

      Please make sure you have the following tools handy before you begin -
      1. Level
      2. Tape measure
      3. Pencil
      4. Drill
      5. Drill bit
      6. 2" Toggle bolts
      Note: Use a grill bit that is larger than your toggle bolts. Procedure:
      • Using the level, mark the height where you want the top of corbels. Make sure the line is as level as possible and then draw it equal to the length of your shelf. This way you can easily place the corbels where required. When marking the height of the corbels keep in mind that the shelf will sit on top of the corbels so account for the shelf's thickness when deciding the level of the corbel tops.
      • Now hold one of the corbels up to the line where it is to be installed. Keeping the corbel's top plate level with the line, mark the corbel holes with a pencil.
      • As suggested earlier, choose a drill bit that is larger than the toggle bolt that you intend to use. To determine the diameter of the toggle bolt, screw on the toggle bolt flaps and note the diameter after pinching the flaps together.
      • Once you have marked the holes, drive a small nail (1.5") into each hole to check if you are going to encounter a stud. In case you don't hit a stud, go ahead and use a toggle bolt for that particular hole.
      • On the other hand, if you do encounter a stud when driving a nail through the marks, then you should use a regular screw instead, with a similar head design as the toggle bolt. In case you have three holes available and one requires a toggle bolt, make sure all three bolts have matching heads.
      • For the hole where the nail doesn't encounter any studs, drill the hole into the drywall. Now pass the toggle bolt into the corbel hole. Once it's through the corbel hole, screw the flap on the edge of the toggle bolt and leave only a few threads on the bolt's end.
      • Now holding the corbel up to match the holes in the drywall, push the toggle bolt through the drywall hole. Once the bolt passes through to the other side and the flaps open up, push up the corbel to flush where it will stay once tightened.
      • Initially, use your hand to tighten the toggle bolt as much as possible. Once you can't tighten it anymore with your hand, use a drill or screwdriver to completely tighten it.
      • Tighten any regular screws that you may have used in the installation.
      Image showing how to use drywall anchors to mount wrought iron corbels

      How to install iron corbels over brick?

      Usually, corbels are installed over brick to support a mantle. This can be a tricky process and it is recommended that you hire a professional for this installation.

      Tools: Please make sure you have the following tools handy before you begin -
      1. Tapcon masonry screws
      2. Hammer Drill (or, one with hammer drill setting)
      3. Masonry Drill bit (usually comes with TapCon screws)
      4. Black sharpie
      5. Wood screws (if applicable)
      Installation Procedure:
        1. Determine the position and height of the Corbels.
        2. Using a black sharpie, mark the spots where the corbel holes match up on the brick wall.
        3. Choose the appropriately sized masonry drill bit that is suitable for your tapcon screws. In most cases, tapcon screws come with a drill bit. It is recommended to use the accompanying bit wherever possible.
      Image showing how to use Tapcon Masonry Screws to mount Wrought Iron Corbels over brick
      1. When drilling the holes into the brick, make sure you drill a very straight bore. Drill the top two holes first and slightly angle the drill from the outside in. The hole should be as deep as the screw for a secure fit.
      2. You may want to get assistance when mounting the corbel and screwing in the tapcon screw. Be careful to screw it in slowly so that you don't strip out the hole once the screw is tight. Should this happen, you'll have to move the corbel to a different position to install it.

      How to install iron corbels over stone?

      Installing corbels over a stone surface is the most complicated of corbel installations. Such a situation is encountered when you need support for a mantle or a counter top. It is recommended that you get professional help for this job. Please keep the following tips in mind when undertaking such a project:
      1. Always remember that the corbels have to be installed on a flat surface. This means that the corbels will need to be installed before you lay the rock on the fireplace /bar area
      2. It is imperative that you know the depth of the rock /stone you'll be using. The corbels need to be flush with the rock faces, i.e., the back plate of the corbels should be flush with the rock/stone faces
      3. You will also need to put up a wooden back-brace in order to install the corbel. This back-brace will be mounted before the stone/rock work, and the stone will be laid around the corbel once it is screwed into place on the back-brace. The thickness of the wooden back-brace should match the depth of the rock. If the stone/rock is 4" deep, you'll require 2-2x4's placed behind the corbel.
      4. The back-braces should be cut to the same size as the back plate of the corbels
      5. Once the back-braces are in place, you can screw on the corbels by following the instructions above for wooden surfaces
      6. Now that the corbels are installed, you can move on to the stonework.

      We hope you find this information helpful, if you have any questions about installing your bracket(s) please feel free to give our experts a call or send us an email we are always here to help.