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    Our Hidden Island Countertop Bracket is designed to provide evenly distributed support throughout the entire granite countertop. Island Countertop Brackets are the most popular choice for supporting countertops that span large cabinet bases.  These brackets maximize the space under your countertop overhang by keeping this space open and non-obstructed.

    Specifications -

    • Dimensions:
      • 2.5” Wide x ½” Thick
      • Sizes ranging in 16” long to 44” long
    • 2 Mounting Holes, sized for 8 x ¾” Pan Head Screws (Included)
    • Material: Solid ½” Thick x 2.5 Wide American Steel
    • Finish Options: Premium black & white powder coated finishes which are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Raw steel is also available for your own color matching or for no paint needed applications.

    Additional Information -

    • Made in the USA
    • Carrying Capacity: 325 Lbs. per bracket
    • The horizontal end has a smooth beveled end for safety
    • The narrow profile makes this support nearly invisible for a clean look
    • No knee knocking feature
    • Installation requires to simply route out the back of your cabinet (2.5” wide x .5” deep)

    Uses -

    • Support Kitchen Island Countertops
    • Support anything you want on a cabinet including Granite, Quartz, Natural Stone, Concrete, Wood, Formica, and all other materials
    Determine What Size & Quantity to Order?

    What Size Bracket Should I Use?

    • NOTE: Ideally you want no more than 3" of unsupported countertop extending past the end of your bracket.
    • These brackets mount to the inside of your cabinet face and extend out past the cabinet base on the countertop overhang side.
    • Let say you have a 15 inch overhang with a 32" cabinet base, (15" + 32" = 47"). Now subtract 3" (this is the ideal amount of countertop hanging past the bracket), 47" - 3" = 44".
    • This is what the math for this looks like: (15" + 32") - 3" = 44"
    • Results: You would want to order a 44" island bracket.

    How Many Brackets Do I Order?

    • These island countertop support brackets are typically spaced 18 - 24 inches apart
    • To figure out how many brackets you need lets start with 2 brackets at each end of the countertop set 4" - 6" inches in from the edge.
    • Now measure the distance between the 2 end brackets and use the following formula:
      • (Distance Between) divided by/ (desired bracket spacing).
      • Example 76 / 18 = 4.2, so you need 4 more brackets to support the space left between the two end brackets.
    • Here is an example using a real countertop installation:
      • An 84" wide countertop with 2 brackets set 4 inches from the end would leave you with 76" left to support; (84" - 8" = 76"). Now take 76" divided by / 18" = 4.2, So you would need 4 more brackets for the space left giving you a total of 5 brackets for this project.
    • For a countertop overhang spanning 84" wide with 2 brackets set in 4" from either side and a 18" span between brackets, you would order 6 brackets total. 2 end brackets and 4 to support the remaining 76" span.
      Installation Guide (PDF)

      View Bracket Spec Sheet (PDF)

      View Bracket Installation Guide (PDF)

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