Hidden Center Mount Countertop Bracket - Knee Wall Support

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Our Center Mount Bracket, also known as a Center Levered Support, is designed for use when you need to support a countertop on two sides of a knee or pony wall.

Customers also use this support bracket in commercial applications including bars with offset overhangs, or for supporting vanities where the bathroom layout is mirrored on the others side of the wall.

Vertical steel flanges (straddle) provide additional stability and can be re-positioned to fit your needs such as a 2x6 wall, etc...

  • Designed for applications that require countertop support on both sides of a knee or pony wall. Also refereed to as cantilevered support.
  • This support is nearly invisible creating a clean look.
  • Used to support Granite, Quartz, Wood, Formica, Concrete and all other countertop materials.
  • Made to straddle 2x4 construction. (metal studs need to be reinforced!) If you need to customize the straddle to fit a 2x6 (or other size) we can do that for a $5/per bracket up-charge.

Specifications -

  • Dimensions:
    • Horizontal support: 2 ½" wide x ½" thick. Sizes ranging from 14"L  to 44"L
    • Vertical flange (straddle): 3.60" wide x 4" Tall x ½" thick
    • (made to straddle 2x4 wall. We can build for other applications such as a 2x6 wall)
  • 6 countersunk mounting holes, sized for 14 x 2 ½” Phillips Flat Head Screws (Included)
    • 4 on top and 2 on flanges.
  • Carry Capacity: 400 lbs. per bracket
  • Material: Solid 1/2" Thick x 2.5" Wide American Steel
  • Finish Options: Premium black & white powder coated finishes which are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Raw steel is also available for your own color matching or for no paint needed applications.

Additional Information -

  • Made in the USA
  • 6 Wood Screws are included with each bracket for your convenience

Use –

  • Support Offset Bars
  • Support Countertop on both sides of a knee or pony wall.
  • Support Vanities on both sides of a wall in a mirrored commercial setting.  Note: using this bracket in a non-cantilevered application like this does reduce the recommended carrying capacity from 400lbs to 325lbs each.
  • Support anything you need to including Granite, Quartz, Natural Stone, Concrete, Wood, Formica and all other materials.
Determine What Size & Quantity to Order?

How Many Brackets Should You Use?

You will want to space your brackets 16" - 24" apart, this will allow for maximum support. We recommend starting your brackets anywhere from 2" to 6" from each end of your supported surface.

What Size Bracket Should You Use?

Choose a bracket size that will support at least 2/3 of the supported surface. In most cases we recommend only having a 2-6" overhang to provide sufficient support for your project.

Example Bracket Size for Project – Let’s say you want to support a 40” wide countertop on your knee or pony wall. You would want to support that with a bracket measuring 28" to 36". This gives you an acceptable amount of overhang past the end of your bracket which is recommended to be 2-6 inches.

How to install the bracket?

  1. Install one bracket directly under a supporting vertical stud in your knee or pony wall.
    1. Alternatively you can mount brackets to header style supports as well when vertical wall studs are not possible.
  2. Securely mount the bracket to the stud.
  3. Once the bracket is fastened finish the wall with your desired finishing materials, wood, drywall, tile etc...
  4. Prior to setting the top in place, run a bead of high-quality silicone adhesive down the center of each bracket.
    1. Pro Tip: For a wood countertop application you have the option to secure that to the bracket with screws and skip the glue. For this you would have to drill holes in the bracket and secure your wood shelf, desk, counter etc… with screws using the holes you drilled.

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Scott H.
United States United States
Well made brackets

I ordered these for a basement bar top project and they are perfect. Ordering was easy, I even had to call and make a color change, and customer service was excellent. They only minor problem I had was the dimensional diagram on the website was not 100% accurate so I had to make a small modification to my build, but not a deal breaker.