Willow Iron Corbel 3-Inch Wide


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Simple rustic charm, the 3 inch Willow Iron Corbel creates a beautiful look with its tree shaped center support. This bracket can be used for countertop support, shelf support and anywhere else that a decorative support bracket is needed.


  • There are 6 3/8" cut-outs, joined together to make a 2-1/4" wide center support from the front.
  • Back-plate is 3" wide x 1/4" thick
  • There are no castings on this bracket, it's all laser cut from steel and tig welded for a clean look.
  • The 3 holes are 1/4" wide and are countersunk so that the screw will sit flush.
  • 2 Top plate holes are also included.
  • Back-plate top holes are an 1/8" in from the side and 1" down from the top-plate
  • Back-plate holes are 1" on center apart from each other
  • The bottom hole is 3/8" up from the bottom of the back-plate
  • Can support up to 150lbs if installed correctly.
Determine What Size & Quantity to Order?

This information is provided by The Marble Institute of Americas published requirements for granite countertops.

What size corbel do I order?

  • Your Countertop overhang should not extend past the corbel by more than 4 to 6 inches.
  • Example: If your countertop overhang is 10-inches you will want a bracket that measures at least 5 to 6 inches deep.
  • All our corbel measurements are listed as depth x height | Example: a 6" x 8" corbel is 6 inches deep and 8 inches high.
  • Notes From a Designer: Corbels are meant to be seen. So they generally look best when they are 2/3 as deep as the countertop overhang itself. As an example, when we design countertop overhangs we will keep the end of the corbel 2-4" from the end of the countertop overhang. This does exceed the Marble Institutes requirements but it looks much better from a design perspective.

How many corbels do I order?

  • Corbels are generally spaced 24 to 36 inches apart under countertop overhangs.
  • To figure out how many corbels you need lets start with 2 corbels at each end of the countertop set 4" to 6" inches in, from the edge.
  • Now measure the span left between the 2 end corbels and use the following formula: (span left) divided by (desired spacing).
  • Example; an 84" wide countertop with 2 brackets set 4 inches from the end would leave you with 76 inches left to support; (84" - 8" = 76"). Now take 76" divided/by 24" = 3.1, so you would need 3 more corbels for a total of 5 brackets.
  • For a countertop overhang spanning 84" wide with 2 corbels set in 4" from either side, and a 24 inch span between corbels, you would order 5 brackets total. 2 ends brackets and 3 to support the remaining 76" span.
  • For a countertop overhang spanning 84" wide with 2 corbels set in 4" from either side, and a 36 inch span between corbels, you would order 4 brackets total. 2 ends brackets and 2 to support the remaining 76" span.

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jack h.
United States

willow mantel corbel

Excellent I have a rough hewn board 16 wide and 4 inch thick of heart pine from an 1850's factory . It is 7 feet long so it weighs over 150 lbs. Once received the corbels were unwrapped from excellent wrapping material and well painted and unscratched. They were affixed to my new brick fireplace. They look great and the willow pattern matches the theme of the rough hewn mantel and cedar plank walls. That being said my contractor installed a little different than the instructions. Using a masonry bit he marked then drilled the appropriate holes in the brick fireplace to accommodate a wooden dowel cut two inches long and using mallet hammered them into the holes. Then he put up the corbel and used 2.5 wood screws thru corbel into dowel which were firmly inserted in the holes. They haven't wiggled since going up. Love the product. Great hands on service.

jack h. verified customer review of Willow Iron Corbel 3-Inch Widejack h. verified customer review of Willow Iron Corbel 3-Inch Widejack h. verified customer review of Willow Iron Corbel 3-Inch Wide
Asher Sherburne

Awesome product.

This Corbel was exactly what we were wanting, and the quality and workmanship exceeded our expectations. Very sturdy product. We are using it to hold up a 4x6 header in the back patio where there used to be a 4x4 post.