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    HD Front Mount Bench Bracket

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    This Front Mount Bench Support Bracket has been designed to provide heavy duty support for bench seating while maintaining a low profile. This bracket is commonly used in public, commercial and residential applications where a floating bench is desired.

    With a 300Lbs per bracket (1100 lbs per pair) load rating the bracket does require a solid backing like doubled 2x4 or 2x6 wall studs, or header style framing in order to support this kind of load. It is critical that you plan ahead when building out your project to make sure your framing will support the weight you plan on applying to these brackets.

    Mounting these brackets to a block or concrete wall is simple and does require special masonry screws and anchors.

    Specifications -

    • Dimensions:
      • Width 2.5” Wide
      • Sizes:
        • 10" x 6" for 10" to 14" bench seat
        • 14" x 7" for 14" to 16" bench seat
        • 16" x 9" for 16" to 20" bench seat
    • Mounting Holes:
      • Back: 6 countersunk holes sized for Heavy-Duty 1/4" wood screws (Included)
      • Top: 6 through holes for securing bench seat if necessary (this hardware is not included)
    • Material: Solid 1/4" American Steel with 1/4" Gusset
    • Finish: Premium powder coated finish

    Additional Information -

    • Made in the USA
    • Carrying Capacity: 300Lbs. per bracket (1100 lbs per pair)
    • Industrial powder coated finish
    • Made to screw into 2x4 or 2x6 reinforced studs. Header, or masonry walls including block and cement. You must use fasteners designed for masonry applications when mounting to concrete, block, etc...

    Uses -

    • Support Benches
    • Support Wall Mounted Bench Seats
    Determine What Size & Quantity to Order?
    • Standard Spacing: 16” - 24” Apart
    • We recommend that no more than 2" to 4" past edge of bracket should be unsupported.
      • Example: Say your bench is 18” Deep (18” - 2” = 16”) You’d want to go with a 16" x 9” Bracket to support that bench seat.
    • Our brackets are listed as follows, depth x height measurements
      • Example: 16” x 9” Bracket
        • 16” (horizontally or depth)
        • 9” (vertically or height)

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