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Standard Front Mount Countertop L Bracket

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Our Standard Front Mount Countertop L Bracket is the perfect support for any solid surface that protrudes off any wall or cabinet. These brackets are used to create everything from granite countertop supports, hardwood desks, glass shelves and so much more.

Specifications -

  • Dimensions:
    • 2.5” Wide x ½” Thick
    • Sizes ranging in 8” Deep x 6” High to 20” Deep x 14” High
  • 3 Mounting Holes, sized for 14 x 2 ½” Phillips Flat Head Screws (Included)
  • Material: Solid ½” Thick x 2.5 Wide American Steel
  • Finish: Premium powder coated finish (or choose raw steel)

Additional Information -

  • Made in the USA
  • Carrying Capacity: 125 Lbs. per bracket
  • The horizontal end has a smooth beveled end for safety
  • The narrow profile makes this support nearly invisible for a clean look
  • Made to screw into 2x4 or 2x6 lumber

Uses -

  • Support Countertops on Knee Walls
  • Support Universal Shelves
  • Support Kitchen Island Countertops
  • Support Stone or Wood Desks
  • Support Entry Wall Benches
  • Support Breakfast Bars
  • Support anything you want on a wall or cabinet including Granite, Quartz, Natural Stone, Concrete, Wood, Formica, and all other materials
Determine What Size & Quantity to Order?
  • Standard Spacing: 16” - 20” Apart
  • No more than 3” past edge of bracket should be unsupported
    • Example: Your countertop is 20” Deep (20” – 3” = 17”) You’d want to go with an 18” x 12” Bracket
  • Our brackets are listed as follows, depth x height measurements
    • Example: 10” x 8” Bracket
      • 10” would be supporting your material (horizontally or depth)
      • 8” would be mounted to the wall (vertically or height)

Installation Guide (PDF)

View Bracket Spec Sheet (PDF)

View Bracket Installation Guide (PDF)