Eclipse Iron Corbel 2-Inch Wide

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The opposing arcs which make up the decorative center support on our 2-inch wide Eclipse Iron Corbel intersects in the middle before finishing with a soft transitional split. This arching design gives you extra room under the counter. Our 2-inch wide Eclipse Corbel is used to support granite and stone counter tops, fireplace mantels, kitchen island overhangs, bar tops and much more.

There are three 3/8" thick center designs welded together giving this bracket its strength and dimension. The L-Bracket is made from thick 1/4-inch steel with holes for mounting the bracket to any surface. 2 holes are included in the top part of this bracket, their use is optional if the application needs them (shelving, mantels, wood overhangs, etc...)


  • Dimensions: L-bracket is 1/4-inch thick by 2" wide with a 1-1/4" thick center support.
  • Bracket Sizes:5 x 7 | 6 x 8 | 7 x 9 | 8 x 10 | 9 x 11 | 10 x 12
  • Material: Iron
  • Iron Finish Options: 4 Finishes Available
  • Pictured: Eclipse Iron Corbel with Black Finish

Additional Info.

  • Product Type:Corbel or Bracket
  • Function: Support Granite/Natural stone counter top overhangs, shelves, mantels & more.
  • Style: Transitional
  • Country of Manufacture: USA
  • Eco-Friendly: Yes
  • Care: Wipe clean with dry cloth
  • Assembly Required: Installation is required but the product is one solid piece
  • Included: Brackets sold individually (mounting hardware is not included)
  • Copyright:This design is protected (note: it has been knocked off by a Chinese company and sold unethically by another company. When you buy from us you get the original design and American Craftsmanship.)
Determine What Size & Quantity to Order?

This information is provided by The Marble Institute of Americas published requirements for granite countertops.

What size corbel do I order?

  • Your Countertop overhang should not extend past the corbel by more than 4 to 6 inches.
  • Example: If your countertop overhang is 10-inches you will want a bracket that measures at least 5 to 6 inches deep.
  • All our corbel measurements are listed as depth x height | Example: a 6" x 8" corbel is 6 inches deep and 8 inches high.
  • Notes From a Designer: Corbels are meant to be seen. So they generally look best when they are 2/3 as deep as the countertop overhang itself. As an example, when we design countertop overhangs we will keep the end of the corbel 2-4" from the end of the countertop overhang. This does exceed the Marble Institutes requirements but it looks much better from a design perspective.

How many corbels do I order?

  • Corbels are generally spaced 24 to 36 inches apart under countertop overhangs.
  • To figure out how many corbels you need lets start with 2 corbels at each end of the countertop set 4" to 6" inches in, from the edge.
  • Now measure the span left between the 2 end corbels and use the following formula: (span left) divided by (desired spacing).
  • Example; an 84" wide countertop with 2 brackets set 4 inches from the end would leave you with 76 inches left to support; (84" - 8" = 76"). Now take 76" divided/by 24" = 3.1, so you would need 3 more corbels for a total of 5 brackets.
  • For a countertop overhang spanning 84" wide with 2 corbels set in 4" from either side, and a 24 inch span between corbels, you would order 5 brackets total. 2 ends brackets and 3 to support the remaining 76" span.
  • For a countertop overhang spanning 84" wide with 2 corbels set in 4" from either side, and a 36 inch span between corbels, you would order 4 brackets total. 2 ends brackets and 2 to support the remaining 76" span.
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Carl N.
United States United States

I installed a heavy wooden bench in my Entry Hall with 2-inch Eclipse Iron Corbels...awesome looking. I just order 6 more 1 1/2 inch for 2 bar counters in my kitchen. Eclipse Iron Corbel 2-Inch Wide Eclipse Iron Corbel 2-Inch Wide Review
Whitney S.
United States United States
Beautifully well made

Purchased for a 10 ft long fireplace mantle project and they did not disappoint! Very sturdy & strong, but also aesthetically pleasing!!

United States United States
Eclipse iron cornel 2 inch wide

Very good quality and easy to install for our contractor. Definitely recommend.

Robert O.
United States United States
Great quality

Corbels are extremely well-made and beautiful. We couldn’t be happier with them! Thank you!

United States United States
Eclipse Iron Corbel 2-Inch Wide

I purchased the clear coat Eclipse Iron Corbel 2-Inch Wide. High quality, heavy duty, beautiful custom work. The side profile did not have as much black in them as the fronts, but it’ll work.... For the price, definitely should have came with screws...