Copy of Floating Countertop Wall Bracket

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  • Weight Capacity: 325lb ea
  • Support for all hard surfaces including granite countertops
  • How Many?: Space every 16-24"
  • What Size?: Subtract 2-4"from your total overhang length and choose a bracket2-4" shorter than that.
  • For more details see below

Engineering Drawing (PDF) – Click here to download Bracket Detail Drawing (PDF)

Our Floating Wall Mount Countertop Bracket is the perfect hidden support for floating heavy, solid surface materials such as granite or quartz on a full floor to ceiling wall. Our brackets are used to create everything from floating granite countertops, vanities, hardwood desks, glass shelves, and much more.

Specifications -

  • Dimensions:
    • Horizontal support: 2 ½" wide x ½" thick x 5.5" to 19.5" deep
    • Vertical mounting flange: 2 ½" wide x 8" long x ½" thick steel
  • 4 mounting holes, sized for ¼" lag screws
  • Carry Capacity: 325 lbs. per bracket
  • Material: Solid 1/2" Thick x 2.5" Wide American Steel
  • Finish: Premium powder coated finishes

Additional Information -

  • Made in the USA
  • Screws to wall studs prior to adding drywall finish
  • The narrow profile makes this support nearly invisible for a clean look
  • Can be used universally as left-hand or right-hand mount
  • Made to screw into 2x4 or 2x6 lumber (metal studs need to be reinforced!)
  • Included: Wood lag Screws included for your convenience

Use –

  • Support Floating Bars
  • Support Floating Desks
  • Support Floating Vanities
  • Support Floating Countertops
  • Support Floating Breakfast Bars
  • Support anything you want to float on a wall including Granite, Quartz, Natural Stone, Concrete, Wood, Formica, and all other materials.
Determine What Size & Quantity to Order?

How Many Brackets Should You Use?

You will want to space your brackets 16" - 24" apart, this will allow for maximum support. We recommend starting your brackets anywhere from 2" to 6" from each end of your supported surface.

What Size Bracket Should You Use?

Choose a bracket size that will support at least 2/3 of the supported surface. In most cases we recommend only having a 2-6" overhang to provide sufficient support for your project.

Example Bracket Size for Project – Let’s say you want to support a 20” deep shelf, desk, countertop or bar along your wall. You would want to support that with a bracket measuring 15.5” to 19.5” deep. This gives you an acceptable amount of overhang past the end of your bracket which is recommended to be 2-6 inches.

  1. Measure and mark the appropriate mounting locations on your wall.
  2. Remove Sheet Rock in the area where the bracket will be mounted.
    1. Pro Tip: Use a chalk line or laser level to mark a straight line. Then attach a 2x4 along the line giving you a template and “shelf” to use while mounting the brackets, keeping them perfectly level with each other.
  3. Securely mount the bracket to the side of the stud.
  4. Once the bracket is fastened patch the wall.
  5. Prior to setting the top in place, run a bead of high-quality silicone adhesive down the center of each bracket.
    1. Pro Tip: For a wood countertop application you have the option to secure that to the bracket with screws and skip the glue. For this you would have to drill holes in the bracket and secure your wood shelf, desk, counter etc… with screws using the holes you drilled.